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Murine MIP-1 alpha, STDB, Peprotech

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Both MIP-1? and MIP-1? are structurally and functionally related CC chemokines.  They participate in host response to invading bacterial, viral, parasite and fungal pathogens, by regulating the trafficking, and activation state, of selected subgroups of inflammatory cells (e.g. macrophages, lymphocytes and NK cells).  While both MIP-1? and MIP-1? exert similar effects on monocytes, their effect on lymphocytes differ; with MIP-1? selectively attracting CD8+ lymphocytes, and MIP-1? selectively attracting CD4+ lymphocytes.  Additionally, MIP-1? and MIP-1? have also been shown to be potent chemoattractants for B cells, eosinophils and dendritic cells.  Both human and murine MIP-1? and MIP-1? are active on human and murine hematopoietic cells.

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